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11 precautions to take when operating the hammer feed mill

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The hammer feed mill is a machine that uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush feed. It has the advantages of having a simple structure, good versatility, high productivity and good safety features. It is widely used in grain and feed crushing. In order to prolong its service life while ensuring safe production, improving production efficiency and operation quality, the user should master this scientific method of operating it:

1.The grinding machine should be fixed onto a cement base. If the workplace is constantly changing, the grinder and motor should be installed on the seat made of angle iron.

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2.Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check if the parts of the unit are fastened, the elastic belt is fitted, the power cord is in good condition and whether the motor shaft is parallel to the mill shaft or not. 

3.Check to see if the hammer is in good condition, the aperture of the sieve is suitable and whether it is damaged or not. Drag the belt out by hand to check if the spindle rotation is flexible, without jams, collisions or friction.


4.After starting up the machine, make the device rotate for 2 to 3 minutes while empty, check if the direction of the rotor is correct and the sound is normal. Start to operate only after the rotation is stable at the rated speed.

5.Be cautious of the crusher operation at any given time; the feed should be evenly distributed, so as to avoid blocking and overworking. If there is any vibration, noise or if the bearing and body temperature are too high or if the feed sprays out, the machine should be stopped and inspected immediately. It can only continue to be used after troubleshooting.

6.Crushed materials should be inspected carefully and are not to be mixed with stones, metals or other objects to prevent damage the machine.

7.While the machine is running, the operator must not leave the unit or observe the work of the crushing chamber whilst operating. The maintenance tools must not be placed on the machine or filler.

8.The operator should not wear gloves. When the machine is blocked, it is strictly forbidden to put hands into the packing bucket. It is also forbidden to stand on the side of the shredder while delivering the material, to protect the operator from rebounding debris.

9.Do not deactivate the machine immediately after operating. It should idle 2 to 3 minutes, in order to let material in the machine completely drain out. After shutdown, it should be cleaned and maintained.

10.The hammer receives the most wearing. After wearing occurs, no matter what kind of damage has been inflicted upon the hammer, the entire hammer mechanism must be replaced, when the hammer is replaced, the entire hammer mechanism needs to be replaced at the same time; just the hammer alone cannot be replaced. The sieve is also a vulnerable part. Instances such as partial sieve damage can be riveted; however serious damage will require a replacement sieve.

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11.After 300 hours of operation, clean the bearings and replace the oil. When out of operation for a long time, the belt should be unloaded.

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