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A brief introduction to varying feed granulation factors

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Granulation is an important part of the granule feed process and the factors affecting the granulation are analyzed in this paper.

1.Adding steam

This is one factor that is more difficult to control during the granulation process and is one of the most important factors to determine the cost, yield and product quality. Adding steam is the effect of the moisture and heat transfer of the material through the steam. One factor is to increase production; the second factor is to extend the service life of the die; the third is for saving power and reducing production cost; and the fourth is to improve product quality and nutritional value. As for the steam used, the following points should be noted: One is that the steam supply must be abundant, generally, it is possible to determine the desired amount of steam (including the steam used for the heating of molasses) based on 5% of the yield. The second is to maintain steady steam pressure, the pressure of the boiler should be maintained at 0.5 - 0.7 MPa. The steam pressure before entering the granulator should be adjusted to 0.2 - 0.4mpa; and the third is to avoid using wet steam. Use dry saturated steam instead.

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2.The timing of material conditioning

The conditioning tuner is a key part of the granulator and measures quality, good or bad, except it is related to the material itself and the steam. The conditioning time is also an important factor and the ideal time of adjustment is when the filling coefficient of the material in the conditioning tuner is less than 0.5.

3.Die and roller

3.1 Die

The die’s performance has a close correlation with the quality and yield of granules. The thicker the die, the harder the granules, but lower production. Conversely, the thinner the die, the softer, but higher yield. The quality and yield of the granulation are also related to the pore type of the die, however, in order to facilitate the model of die, we now need to use a cylinder shaped die. The die should be selected based on the yield and quality, according to feed formula, product requirements and feeding objects.

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3.2 Roller

Its two main conditions are the pressure that the roller can withstand the process of the granulation process at and the appropriate roller surface that provides the maximum traction, to avoid skidding. The clearance of the die roller is one of the important factors that influences the effect of granulation. When the clearance increases, the material layer is thickened, the squeezing workload increases, and the power consumption increases. The decrease of material pressure in the extrusion area is caused by the sliding of the roller and if this happens, the output will decrease. On the other hand, if the clearance is too small, it will accelerate the wear of the die and reduce the amount of the material that is caught, which will reduce the output.

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4. Feed flow rate

The feed flow should be adjusted and stable according to the characteristics of granulated raw materials and the requirements of the finished products, so as to ensure the production and quality of the normal working and granulating products of the granulator.

In short, the factors affecting feed granulating is more. This article only included adding steam, conditioning time, and the die roll and feed flow rate. In the process of production we will need to take all factors into account to make it suitable for the specific conditions of the process parameters. Making process parameters suitable for specific conditions improves the efficiency of the granulation mechanism, ensures the quality of the granulated feed and obtains a good granulation effect.

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