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Brief analysis on the addition of small material into the feed production process

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Small materials in the process of feed processing generally refers to the content that make up less than 1% of the feed and need to be separated when weighing of trace elements such as vitamins, amino acids, drugs, attractants, anti-mould preservatives that added in a lesser amount than the raw materials. The characteristics of these materials vary greatly. The price may be high, the dosage may be different, the physiological efficiency of each one may also differ, the biological activity of some raw materials may be unstable, the influence of other components may be great and some parts of raw material may be toxic, which has a great influence on the health of the production personnel and the growth of the animals. Moreover, these raw materials are mostly the missing parts of the whole recipe, so a little bit of material is very important in the process of feed processing.

Precautions for small material configurations

1. The amount of raw materials in the small bag is higher, because there is always a partial uncleanliness (only 5 grams is allowed); it’s a little denser, so it's easy to pour out.

2. Vitamins should not be put together with minerals and pharmaceuticals to avoid chemical reactions.

3. Choline chloride should not be placed in with vitamins or pharmaceuticals.

4. The final ingredients should be a large amount of raw materials, such as pharmaceuticals, minerals and vitamins, which do not easily absorb dampness and spoil easily.

5. Consider the present order, easy operation and other problems.

6. The amount of trace components is very small, some are even extremely small. The allowable amount of some components and the possible amount of toxicity do not have a lot of difference. Therefore, it is required that the dispensing system error rating is low and the precision level is high. To achieve this, we should choose the biggest weighing and weighing precision of different ingredients, scale with different components, and try to make a particular component for a batching scale to reduce cross contamination and increase weighing accuracy.

7. The small material of the formula is reserved for two decimal places. The minimum reading of the electronic scale is 10 grams, and the smaller the quantity is, the more accurate it is to be prepared. The quantity of each batch should be less than 100g of raw materials produced by mixing first and only then weighing it.

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The sequence of general small material configuration

The following two kinds of small materials are separated and made up, and then put together. The sequence is as follows:

1. Salt - vitamins - sweeteners - acids - sulfadiazine - mycobacterium sulfuric acid - preservatives - whey - white sugar, etc.

2. Mineral- aureomycin - copper - zinc oxide - lysine - fat powder - wheat bran, etc.

If the amount of two parts is not much, you can put it directly into one, the order has to be put "1" into "2" instead of "2" into "1".

The addition of the small material

Due to the fine grain size and low water content in the small materials, it is easy to produce dust in the process of adding, and we must be equipped with the proper air cleaning network based on the actual situation of the dust point, as well as the effective measures to solve the environmental problems in the workshop.

In addition, due to the corrosive nature of some of the raw materials found in the small materials, it is recommended that the pieces of equipment that make contact with the small materials should be made of stainless steel, while the sealing performance is required at the same time. If the valve is needed during the process of addition, the butterfly valve should be used.

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