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How to use and maintain the ring die

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The ring die is the key component of the pellet mill and is the most likely part of the pellet mill to suffer from wearing. According to statistics, the cost of wear and tear on the ring-die is more than 25% of the entire production workshop’s maintenance, at the same time it has a direct impact on the quality of its feed. Therefore, reasonable use and effective maintenance of the ring-die are critical to feed producers.

1.Ring-die usage

Adjusting the gap between the ring-die and the roller is the key to the proper use of the ring-die. Generally, a gap between the ring-die and the roller is appropriate at between 0.1 and 0.3 mm. The operator of the ring-die needs to have practical experience in order to select and adjust the clearance between ring-die properly.

Ring die

In addition to the above, note the following points while using the ring-die:

① The new ring-die needs to be "washed" before it is turned on to remove the burrs from the molds. It is necessary to use oil to wash the mold for a few minutes to twenty minutes before normal production, sometimes we still need to mix 20% ~ 50% of fine sand with the oilseed and grind for normal production.

②While using the ring-die, you will need to avoid mixing the material with large pieces of gravel, sand, iron and iron scarps, so as to not speed up the ring-die and create too much wear and tear, which can cause a blowout of the ring-die.

③For a ring-die that has two-sided symmetrical installations, it can be installed in reverse after a certain time of production, so that ring-die can wear evenly.

④Do not tilt after the ring die is installed, or it will cause uneven wear. The bolts of the fastening ring must meet the required locking torque to avoid snipping and ring-die damage.  


2. Maintaining the ring-die

Reasonable maintenance of the ring-die is one of the necessary measures to ensure the ring-die can work and you can prolong its service lifespan.

①When the ring-die needs to be replaced, the original feed should be extruded by non-corrosive oil, so as to be smooth when used again, and can prevent the corrosion of the die orifice.

②After using the ring-die for a certain amount of time, the inner surface of the ring die should be check regularly for partially protruding part, and check whether there is the die orifice is wear, seal or varus, if yes, the ring die should make necessary repair in order to prolong the service life of ring die.

③If the multi-die orifices are blocked by the feed, we can soften the material by using oil soaking or oil boiling and then re-granulation. If you still cannot make the grain, you can use an electric drill to drill down the feed that is stuck in the die orifice, and then use the oily material with fine sand for grinding. 

④The ring-die must be stored in a dry and clean place, and label with identification and specification, if stored in damp places, it will likely lead to the corrosion of the ring-die and it can reduce the service lifespan of the ring-die or affect production. 


In summary, the pellet mill and the performance of the ring-die can be the best, provided that the ring die is given reasonable and effective maintenance, and thus we can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of granulating and granulating quality, and create more economic benefits for enterprise.



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