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Key Points For Choosing A Hammer Mil

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Seven steps of feed manufacturing:raw material receiving, cleaning, grinding, proportioning, mixing, forming and measurement packing. Grinding is one of the most important process. This article focuses on a few key points when choosing a hammer mill

1. Choose milling equipment properly;

With the development of our country's feed industry, when choosing equipment, feed mill's focus shifts from production output to quality and safety. When choosing a hammer mill, it should be taken into account whether the operation, safety, pollution, cleaning space, and maintenance meet relevant requirements. When choosing a hammer mill, it should be taken full account of the material properties including the water content, hardness, density, etc.

2. Avoid over-grinding;

After grinding, the grain will become smaller which can improve intestinal absorption and facilitate digestion. However, over-grinding will consume a lot more power, lowering productivity of the feed mill and causing less smooth material flow or even blocking it. Choose a hammer mill according to different animal's preference for feed particle size. Now, many nutritionists believe that large particle feed can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help the development of digestive system. Therefore, there is a tendency to enlarge the size of the feed particle.

3. Control power consumption;

The grinding process consumes a large proportion of the power in the entire feed production process. So, choosing a proper hammer mill can reduce power consumption and lower the cost. The operation of a hammer mill includes productivity, matching power and linear velocity of the blades. Productivity is determined by the amount of material a hammer mill can process per kilowatt per hour. Therefore, we can match the linear velocity of the blades with productivity. Usually, if the linear velocity is higher, the feed particle will be smaller. However, if it is too high, it will cause damage to the hammer mill and waste power. Therefore, reasonable power consumption is also essential when choosing a hammer mill.

A few glitches when using a hammer mill in the production process:

1.Tripping of the control system when the hammer mill is on.     

Tripping is caused by short circuit. This is mostly due to the broken wire skin or loose connection of gate protection or positive inversion limit switch. Vibration when starting up the hammer mill causes a short circuit which then leads to the tripping of the control system.    

2.The current as well as the feeding is very unstable.

Current reflects the load of the equipment. The current is unstable which signifies that there's something wrong with feeding. The feeding frequency is fixed which indicates that the amount of the feeding is constant. This is caused by the inconsistence of direction of feeding and the rotation of the hammer mill.    

3. Too much material in the feed inlet or grinding chamber.     

(1) Too much material in the feed inlet is likely to be caused by large blade gap. 

(2) The inconsistence of the direction of feeding and the rotation of the hammer mill results in the collision of the material and blades. Some materiel is rebounded back to the grinding chamber. After some time, lots of material will accumulate in the grinding chamber.

4. Low production of the hammer mill

(1) Check whether the hammer mill reaches rated current;

(2) Check whether the equipment is assembled correctly;

(3) Check whether the feeding of the grinding process is in the same direction with guide plate;

(4) Check whether the fan delivery of the system meets the requirements.

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