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To understand the role of tempering in the processing of pellet feed from 4 aspects

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Tempering is a machine process for carrying out heat treatment on the powdered materials before pellet feed is granulated. Domestic and foreign studies have shown that tempering is one of the important factors that affect the quality of pellet feed, and its impact in improving the overall quality of the feed is about 20%. The market is demanding higher quality grain feed and various pellet feed processing companies have become more and more focused on the tempering process for their pellet feeds.


A. Carrying out curing treatment on the powdered materials. 

Most animals have a very low ability to digest starch, but can, to a greater degree, digest cooked starch. The quality of starch gelatinization is greatly increased by the hydrothermal action carried out on the ingredients in the tempering machine; at the same time, helping the protein in the material to be heat-denatured. Denatured protein is more easily hydrolyzed, thus improving the digestion and therefore utilization of the pellet feed.


B. Carrying out sterilization on the powdered materials. 

Most pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella and other harmful bacteria are not heat resistant; putting the materials through a tempering machine, and using the right temperature in the quenching and tempering process, can kill these bacteria, guaranteeing the quality of the feed. This method of sterilizing the material through a tempering machine is better than that of using drugs. It is low cost, with no pollution, drug residues or side effects.

C. The tempering equipment can significantly improve water resistance of pellet feed. 

In the tempering machine, because of the steaming effect, the viscous ingredients of the powder, such as gelatinized starch and the denatured protein, can be fully released to function as a binding agent, thus helping them effectively bond with the other surrounding ingredients. The action of the ring mold and the pressing roller, bonds the particles more closely to each other, making the pellet feed more compact and with a smooth surface. This means that in the feeding process it is not easy to be eroded by water thus increasing its stability in water.

D. The quenching and tempering equipment can improve the granulation of materials, thus increasing production and saving energy in the granulation process; it will also improve the ring mold and pressure roller’s life spans. 

Through the quenching and tempering process, the powdered material will be softened, giving it more plasticity. This means that in the extrusion process, the friction is reduced on the ring mold hole wall, the ring mold inner wall and the pressing roller surface, thus avoiding turning a large amount of the mechanical energy in the granulation process into heat energy, whilst at the same time reducing the wear on the ring mold and the pressure roller. 


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