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Six crucial points regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the bi-axial blade mixer

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The bi-axial blade mixing machine is widely used in the feed, food, chemical production industries, powdered medicine and pesticide industries, it can also be used to produce granules, flakes and mixed sticky materials for the composition of the mixture uniform distribution. It can also ensure the quality of the powder feed, which is key to feed production.

In order to ensure the quality functioning of the mixer, the following points must be paid attention to while using it:

1.Replenish the speed reducer, chain lubricant, spindle bearing and opening bearing grease regularly.

2.The chain should always be a little tight; otherwise the chain will be loose and easy to cause slippage. The blade could get stuck and lead other breakdowns, causing unnecessary losses.

3.Check the lubricating oil and pneumatic system oil mist regularly, check the water flow in the gas-water separator, and ensure that the water level in the tank is not more than 80% full.

4.Check for air leakage (oil) of pneumatic pipeline and the interface. It is sometimes necessary to replace the air pipe or reconnect it if it is needed.

5.Check the rotor of the mixer on a regular basis and clear the woven tape and nylon line.

6.Always check whether or not the shaft of the mixer is leaking. If there are any leakages, the sealing gland should be slightly tightened and the packing should be replaced after finishing. Check the four corners of the door to ensure there is no leakage, then adjust the door arm support, tighten screw, etc. if there is any further leakage.



Failure analysis and troubleshooting:


The cause of the problem





1. No bearing grease, or too little/too much

2. Bearing damage

3. Axis bent or inertia force imbalanced

4. The bearing outer ring is not tight

5. The tape is too tight

6. Long-term work overload

1. Change the grease and add the grease according to the regulations

2. Replace the bearing

3. Straighten the main shaft and adjust the balance piece

4. Replace parts with bearings

5. Adjust the belt tightening

6.. Reduce the feed

Weak motor rotation

1. Motor on two phase operation

2. Motor winding short circuited

3. Long-term work overload

1. Turn on the broken phase and make it work in three phases

2. Repair the motor

3. Make the motor work under rated load

Difficulty starting the motor

1. Voltage too low

2. Wire cross-sectional area is too small

3. The fuse blew out

1. Start after the power supply is normal

2. Change to appropriate wire

3. Replace the fuse with the suitable motor capacity

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